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In March 2009, the Australian Vaccination Network Inc. (AVN) ran a campaign to raise $53,000 to fund a full-page advertisement in The Australian newspaper. Meryl Dorey announced this in a March edition of the AVN Living Wisdom E-newsletter(1). Here is an excerpt:

We have been in communication with Operation Rescue – the organisers of this campaign – and have been given permission to run the same ad in Australia (with some minor changes to make it more Australian in nature). The cost of this ad is $53,000 – a figure which seems staggering until you break it down into the number of people reading this email. Then, you realise that it will cost each one of us very little if, working together, we feel the importance of this action.

So, just $20 will mean that we could pay for an ad which would educate hundreds of thousands of Australians about the real connection between the administration of vaccines and the explosion of Autism-Spectrum disorders (ASDs) currently being experienced in every developed country – including Australia.

Strike a blow for freedom of choice – for only $20! We need your donation by Monday, March 9th so please don’t delay and if you are in a position to give more, please do so.

Note that in a following E-newsletter Meryl amends “Operation Rescue” to Jenny McCarthy’s “Generation Rescue”.

In a further E-newsletter also dated March 2009(2), Meryl provides an update on the Autism advert campaign:

1. Fund raising for the Autism ad – as you would most likely know, the AVN has been trying to raise $53,000 to fund a full-page ad in the Australian newspaper (please visit our website for a view of this ad and for further information). We have had several small and some larger donations but we are still very far away from our goal. In the interests of actually bringing this to pass and also, due to rethinking who our target audience will be and where this publicity would have the most benefit, we have had a change of thinking. Rather than a 1-off, one day ad in the Australian newspaper, we have decided to go for a full-page ad in every edition of Copland Publishing’s ‘Child’ magazines – of which there are 6 published each month for every capital city in Australia with the exception of Darwin.
To date, we have raised only about $7,000 so we are still pretty far from that goal. Generation Rescue, the organisation that came up with this ad and who has been promoting both informed choice and biomedical treatments for autism all across the US, has promised to give us 1/3 of the funds needed if we can raise 2/3 and they will also help us with a publicity campaign to accompany this ad – one that may include the participation of both Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey.

So, the Autism advert is now to be run in [sic]Copland Publishing magazines. I guess if you had already donated thinking of the impact a full-page advertisement would have in The Australian, well, bad luck.

Let’s now jump forward to June 2009. Here is an update of the Autism advert campaign:(3)

Two weeks left – please don’t let this effort go to waste!

It has been almost 3 months now since we began our drive to raise enough funds to put a full-page ad into the Copland Publishing magazines (Sydney’s Child, Melbourne’s Child, etc.) This publication is sent out to all clinics, surgeries and many other venues and is read by a huge number of new mums and mums-to-be all over Australia.

We need to raise $23,000 in total and if we get 2/3 of the money, the American organisation, Generation Rescue, will give us the other 1/3.

So far, we have raised $7,000 and we need to raise another $8,000 before Generation Rescue will give us the rest. I feel that we have given it a really good go, but it’s time to say there needs to be a time limit.

Today, is Monday, June 15th. We will give it until Monday, June 29th to raise the rest of these funds. Your help and support are very much appreciated.

Here is a further June update:(4)

We are entering the home stretch folks. On June 14th in our last e- newsletter, I put out an appeal for the final $8,000 needed to get our ad regarding the connection between autism and vaccination into all of the Copland Publishing magazines (Sydney’s Child, Melbourne’s Child, etc.). We have raised about 1/2 of that $8,000 but, like the saying goes (sort of!), you can’t be a little bit pregnant or a little bit dead. $4,000 won’t get the ad in these publications – we need another $4,000 and we only have 3 days to get it. Look at the sponsorship offer in the column above – you can direct your sponsorship towards this ad if you’d like and we will put you in as a sponsor of the e-newsletter whilst directing the funds towards this effort. You will be able to deduct this off of your taxes and we will be able to reach about 500,000 parents, doctors, clinic sisters and other interested parties across Australia. It’s now or never – please help us get this ad off the ground. It could be the biggest and best action we have ever taken to raise the profile of vaccine injuries in Australia.

And that is that. No more is mentioned of this advertising campaign, and the adverts never appeared in Copeland Publishing’s magazines.

Meryl clearly states that (at least) $11,000- was raised for this campaign – where did the money go?

For further information on AVN fundraising anomalies, please read this article by “Losing in the Lucky Country” How Meryl Dorey stole $12,000 from AVN members and/or donors.


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